Tuesday, 4 August 2015

DIY Floral LOVE sign

A spot of home decor DIY today!I had this project in mind ever since I spotted the industrial style 'LOVE' sign in Wilkinsons! I'm currently working on updating my office with brightly coloured decor - no thanks to my Pinterest addiction & this is the perfect addition to sit on top of the shelves. It would also be a beautiful and cheaper floral arrangement to add to a Wedding reception!

What you Need:
'Love' Sign  http://www.wilko.com/ornaments/wilko-wire-love-decor-sign/invt/0406953
Wire Cutters & scissors
Selection of fake flowers (mine are from Hobbycraft)

Step One:
Lay all the flowers out, removing all labels and cutting away any leaves you don't want. I chose a selection of large and small flowers but I found the small wire stemmed ones to be the easiest to work with. These start from 99p for a small bunch in the wedding decor section in Hobbycraft.

Step Two:
Using the wire cutters cut the large flower stems down to a suitable size. I found it best to snip into the plastic to reveal the wire beneath. I then twisted this into the wire of the sign until it was secure.

Step Three
I chose where I wanted the large flowers to be first and then began filling in any gaps with the smaller ones. I wound them together in bunches and curled them around the letter frame. As I wanted my sign to be brightly coloured I chose which flowers to place where as I went along, but you could easily have dedicated a colour per letter. 

Step Four 
It took a few adjustments before I was happy with the finished product. I decided to leave some gaps so that the wire of the sign could contrast against the flowers and make it more legible. This meant tucking some of the petals in too, but overall I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

love, Grace x


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